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Based in the Netherlands and India's Uttar Pradesh, Jupe by Jackie is an internationally renowned fashion brand born out of a desire to, in a completely novel way, shine light on the art of hand embroidery: a dying craft in today’s fast-paced fashion industry. The brand is sold in high-end boutiques around the world such as Colette, 10 Corso Como and United Arrows, and has an ongoing collaboration with Comme des Garçons since 2013. 

Jackie Villevoye established Jupe in 2010 at age 54, after having raised her five children. When they left home, Jackie’s lifelong enthusiasm for design became even more determined: having extensively studied the craft of Indian hand embroidery, Jackie embarked on a journey that led her to a highly talented team of embroidery craftsmen. A passionate collaboration was born: Jackie’s main goal became - and still is - to draw attention to this impeccable art, passed down from generation to generation, giving the Indian hand embroiderers the recognition they deserve.

Challenging the typical career paths women are advised to take, Jackie herself remains a true inspiration for women - having proven that regardless of age you can always pursue new life purposes and achieve great success with it.



The craft of the master hand embroiderers is passed on from one generation to the next, a centuries-long tradition.

It takes a young boy nearly fifteen years to become a professional: like a football player or ballet dancer, his childhood is devoted to learning this intricate craft. Jupe’s objective is to support and further nourish the mindful and time-consuming process of hand embroidery and its heritage, particularly in today's world, where quality is often neglected for the sake of quantity.

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Defined by striking colour combinations, outspoken materials and refined pattern designs, Jupe by Jackie women's collections combine boyish characteristics with elegant female shapes. Each season, the women’s collections have gained global recognition from stores and stylists. The collections are sold in high-end boutiques around the world - for stockists, please click here.

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Reaching out to the stylish man with an eye for detail, J-B-J is the ready-to-wear men’s line created by Jupe by Jackie in 2015.  While some may regard embroidery as inherently feminine, J-B-J has successfully shown this art can be applied to create artistic, elegant and boldly masculine fashion while also offering a new spin on wardrobe essentials. Most importantly, each piece pays respect to the unique craft of Indian embroidery, while the use of high-quality Japanese and Italian fabrics reflects the brand’s devotion to quality and craftsmanship.


Subtle embroidery transforms the object.

In 2017, Jupe by Jackie takes an exciting step within the world of design. The renowned fashion brand launches its first collection of interior design, labelled J-B-J Interior. As a counterweight to mass produced woven and printed fabrics, Jupe aims to revive the ancient craft of hand embroidery that seemed to have left the world of interiors.

By subtle, modern needlework, free from mechanical repetition, fabrics become a rare art, allowing interior textiles to become architectural or poetic objects. Their strong colour combinations and balanced proportions add to a room not only functionality, but an artistic atmosphere as well.

Amongst J-B-J Interior selection are poufs, cushions, upholstery for chairs, and wall hangings. As with Jupe by Jackie’s fashion collections, a made to measure service is offered, welcoming personal preferences for design or colour combinations and thus providing unique, customised interior pieces.

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